Blind to His Favor

Believe.Follow.Serve.StewardIn this edition of the “Beyond These Walls” newsletter, Tim Potendyk describes how success based upon natural accomplishments is fleeting and can hinder one’s ability to experience God’s leading.  We also hear from Rick Rogers, the first man to leave Oxford Federal Prison Camp as a Prisoner of Purpose, discussing the internal turmoil and real difficulties or re-entry and how they are overcome by a steadfast focus on spiritual captivity.  Mr. Bart Rusk pens our first Captivity Corner article, which will become a regular feature of this newsletter, expressing words of spiritual exhortation to those “inside the walls”.   This month he draws our attention to the Apostle Paul’s directive in 2 Tim. 3:16-17 that our God provides His word to us, so that we may be “rigged for service to Him”.  Mr. Dave Bartels encourages all believers, inside and beyond these walls, to stand in the face of persecution, as the squealing voices of sexual immorality and the misguided “love” expressed in their support, seek to drown out God’s call to holiness.  Dave reminds us that the world’s persecution is a badge of stewardship and a cost we must be prepared to pay, as some believers in America have chosen to do in a very public way.  Read and be encouraged to begin and continue your captivity to Christ.  Become a Prisoner of Purpose.

Beyond theses Walls V.3 No.2 Fall 2015

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