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On Tuesday, 1/22/14, we had a chance to visit on the phone with Sue Kastensen from is a nation-wide, secular, re-entry resource center for releasees, family and friends, property managers, employers, community, and corrections/reentry professionals. FairShake’s home is located in Wesby, WI, with a new office in Milwaukee as well.

At the request of the local federal P & P office, Sue had made a presentation at Oxford FPC, and the Prisoners of Purpose stewards at Oxford want to investigate possible collaboration between FairShake and P of P. The phone conversation was very fruitful, and both of us learned a great deal about each other’s work. Ed had a chance to share his personal testimony and experiences with Sue.

P of P and FairShake have decided to follow up with an in-person meeting to further get to know each other and to continue to explore these possibilities together. This meeting is expected to take place within the next few weeks in Madison.

Your prayers are vital.┬áPlease pay that God’s will will be done in this relationship and that the Spirit’s fruit will indeed be born in its season.

Also, anyone you know who needs access to reentry resources and help should be encouraged to visit the resource center @

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