We Plan, Study, & Prepare


Inmates who participate in Prisoners of Purpose commit to a Re-Entry with Purpose Plan. The plan helps us prepare for issues we face while incarcerated, and will face at re-entry. Family, community, support, employment, obstacles and challenges, decision-making, gifts and talents, and personal spiritual revelation are some of the topics we address in this plan.


ABible study of the life of Joseph was the seed that the Spirit has grown to become Prisoners of Purpose. Inmates who participate in Prisoners of Purpose follow up their Re-Entry with Purpose Plan with AM and PM Bible studies.

In obedience to the Spirit, we have developed these study materials to help grow spiritual understanding, maturity, and purpose. We believe that the Word of God is Spirit and Life to us whose hearts are eager to know Jesus and His calling and purpose for our lives.

Our Bible studies will soon be available to send to inmates at other institutions or for you to study with us online here at our Website. We pray that these studies will inspire you, as they have us, to more fully surrender ourselves to the Life of Christ already at work in us to fulfill His purposes.

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