What Is Needed in the House


On May 27, 2013, we began the Milk for Believing in Christ module of the Prisoners of Purpose Re-entry Planning Bible Study program. In the second week the attendance rose from 17 to 25 participants. However, more important than numbers, the majority of the men come with pen and paper in hand. They take notes and ask questions which are indicative of a sincere desire for and expectation of transformation. Every participant is provided with a typed copy of the curriculum syllabus, which is currently produced through time-consuming typing and re-writes, at inmate expense.

We are certainly not complaining, because God has faithfully provided the necessary resources. However, the vision calls for the curriculum materials to be digitally created, formatted and professionally bound for distribution to the participants in the course. If you are being positioned for that purpose,please contact us.

We have been blessed by the Berean Prison Ministry with King James Version Bibles, per individual requests, however, we have found that the more modern translations are easier for some to understand and follow. Therefore, any dual translation Bibles, e.g., KJV w/ NIV or KJV w/ Amplified Version, could aid in their understanding of scripture and the transformation process Christ has waiting for them.

The Lord told his prophet Habbakuk, to “[W]rite the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” (Hab. 2:2) We thank you for reading this excerpt of the vision He has given to this ministry. We also thank you for your prayers, your willingness to listen to Christ’s call on your heart and for your humble response to that call. Moreover, regardless of what you do with these words, you should know that you are held in high regard and lifted up in prayer by His Prisoners of Purpose daily.

–Stewards of Prisoners of Purpose Ministry

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